EICMA 2017: BMW Motorrad Reveals F 750 GS and the F 850 GS


BMW has revealed the F 750 GS and the F 850 GS at the ongoing EICMA show. Both models are all-new and replace the F 700 GS and the F 800 GS respectively. The engine, frame and the suspension are completely new and so are the features and equipment.


BMW has unveiled the F 750 GS and the F 850 GS at the ongoing EICMA Show

BMW Motorrad always had the F 700 GS and the F 800 GS for those who did not quite want the big, burly R 1200 GS. But these two models were getting a bit too long in the tooth. Both models had grown old and needed a proper update. BMW Motorrad thought that it will do one better! The company decided to make the bikes all-new instead of barely updating them. BMW says that both bikes are different to each other in characteristics and will be targeted at different buyers. This makes them more purpose-oriented.

bmw f 850 gs

(BMW F 850 GS )

Both motorcycles get an all-new 853 cc parallel-twin engine! Yes, a parallel-twin instead of BMW’s preferred boxer-twins. The state of tune is different on both bikes though. The engine gets a 270-degree firing order which gives it a punchy character. Also, there are two balancing shafts, which intend to keep vibrations to a minimum. The engine is mated to a six-speed unit which comes along with an anti-hopping clutch. The engine makes 93.8 bhp on the 850 and 76.4 bhp on the 750.

There are an all-new frame and a new suspension setup in play as well. According to BMW, the steel bridge frame integrates the engine better as opposed to the old frame on the 700 and the 800. The new frame, of course, is stiffer too. BMW is also offering a dynamic ESA electronic suspension which constantly adapts to the changing surface and adjusts the suspension. This is something similar to the Ducati’s semi-active skyhook suspension on the Multistrada 1200. The 850 weighs 229 kg while the 750 weighs 204 kg.

bmw f 750 gs

(BMW F 750 GS)

The bikes get ride-by-wire, which in turn offer two standard riding modes, Rain, and Road. But certain optional packages will offer more riding modes such as Dynamic, Enduro and Enduro Pro (F 850 GS only). The different modes have different settings for other electronics such as traction control, ABS and the electronic suspension as well.

There is an all-new 6.5-inch TFT instrumentation console with smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth. Optionally, the customer could also choose to put features such as a quick-shifter, auto-blipper, cruise control, keyless riding, tire pressure sensors and emergency call service. BMW will offer the F 750 GS in Standard and Exclusive variants while the F 850 GS will be offered in Standard, Exclusive and the Rallye variants.

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